Sunday and Monday Workouts of the Day

Sunday was a good day, but a long day of workouts. I hit a double workout, and spaced them out about 4 hours apart. I felt good through it all, and one of the movements I was pretty surprised with my overall score, and next time will be shooting for higher. However, I tore my hands up pretty bad last week, and just like a band aid on a cut, I just keep re tearing them everytime I workout. I was going to rest on Monday, but I have alot going on during the weekend, so I figured I would get at least one day of oly work, as I have been slacking alot lately on concentrating on these lifts. I have not seen any huge personal records, but I just love to work on them, and hopefully in the future, I will get back to my old numbers in time. These are lifts, that you just have to constantly keep hitting, and not let them go by the wayside.

Sunday, February 12th, 2012 Workout of the Day:
A. Squat Clean Thruster, worked up to 210 lbs x 8 Minutes Total Time
B. Squat Clean AMRAP @ 90% of max @ 190 lbs, got 24 reps in that time
Rest 4 Hours
C. Max Shoulder Press in 4 Minutes, got 155 lbs
Rest 1:00 minute
D. Max Kettlebell Swings 1 Attempt @ 70 lbs- got 76 reps
Rest 2:00 Minutes
E. Max Airdyne Cals in 3:00 minutes- got 70 Cals
*This killed me, and was beat tired from the swings, with blood soaking my hand, but overall a good day

Monday, February 13th, 2012 Workout of the Day:
A. Snatch Balance, light work, worked up to 225 lbs
B. Snatch, worked up to 212 lbs, and failed a a few times as this weight, worked up to 205 lbs

Overall not my best snatch, but things felt right. Next time I am thinking bigger numbers, and things will be clicking more. I took some videos, broke down where I have to work on, and hopefully will see some results. I just have to keep hitting these lifts on constant basis, to keep central nervous system and neurologically used to them. I am pretty much working off what was given to me, and in time, with some more skill work, and more consistent basis, will start seeing better results..

Overall good 3 days of workouts…