"Sunday Funday"(4.3.2011)

Mobilization for the Workout Ahead! Prep Yourself for the Movements in Front of You!

I. “Sunday Funday” Class Time:
10:00 am Class Time

II. Goat Day and Practice Sunday:

I am starting a new schedule for Sunday’s, where you will have an opportunity to come in on Sunday, and work on some of your weaknesses. I will pick one realm of fitness that I feel that Vagabond CrossFit has to work on as a whole gym to better themselves as athletes and physical movers. The class time will always be 10:00 am and will last for an hour long. This will be a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to improve on their skills in the gym. I hope some people will pop in for the hour class, to take advantage of this opportunity to improve on your physical abilities!
III. Sunday Funday Goat Practice:
“Olympic Lifting Day”
5 Sets of the following strength movements:
Muscle Clean x 1 rep
Power Clean x 2 reps
Front Squat x 3 reps
*Work to a load that will be doable, but challenging. The concentration of this strength workout is to focus on form and techinque. Heavy Weight might not be your optimal goal during this strength progression. You might want to focus on the progression of the movements and tap into your ability as an efficient mover.*
Post Weights Used to Comments.