"Sunday Funday"(5.1.2011)

Great Grand Opening and Great Time! We had over 85 people come thru the doors today and had over 60 people workout throughout the day! It ranged from beginners to advanced athletes and overall was just a great day! Thanks for everyone's support and openess to perform the workouts today!

I. “Sunday Funday” Gym Hours for May 1st, 2011:
9:00 am and 10:00 am Class Times
II. Sunday Funday Workout of the Day”:
“Long Road Ahead”
For Time of the following movements:
Row 1000 m
30 Burpee Box Jumps
Row 1000 m
III. Grand Opening Recap:
Thanks for Everyone for participating in the Grand Opening of Vagabond CrossFit. It was filled with workouts, video cameras, and a boat load of sponsors. I want to say thank you to Again Faster Equipment Store, Paleotrition, Journal Menu, VitaCoCo, and Life As RX for sponsoring the event and putting on a great show. Also want to say thank you for everyone for participating in the workout and giving it their all throughout the day. We had over 85 people come through the Vagabond doors and it was very humbling to see how fast Vagabond CrossFit is growing within the CrossFit Community! Now, that the opens are over, we can get back on schedule and enjoy the coming months of the summer. I will be posting scheduled events that will be happening over the next 6 weeks at Vagabond CrossFit to give everyone an idea of what is going in the gym! Thank You for all your support and great attitudes today!