Sunday- March 23rd, 2009

Thoughts from the Vagabond

Once again I was up at Crossfit New Hampshire and it was a complete success. I was up there for Saturday and Sunday training and the people ripped it apart. These people are quite impressive and have made huge strides since I started going there about two months ago. I love going up there because of the atmosphere and the great community that they are building within their region. I am starting to work on this and starting to out source my ideas to various friends in my region. I have a meeting Tuesday night with my friend were we are going to discuss and talk over the possibility of starting a garage gym within his neighborhood. I will keep people updated on this meeting and let everyone know how everything is going. My goal is to have some sort of place within the next 6 months. While, I was up in NH, I put together my second month of MEBB or Black Box training, which is a specific workout for strength training and trying to increase my work load. I will be concentrating on the movements of power cleans, weighted dips, push press, weighted pull ups, deadlift and snatch balances( which is a four part move that will not be used with more than 65 lbs, it is implemented into this program to better prepare me for better technique and form). The snatch is the hardest movement and one of the hardest lifts to understand. However, it is a explosive and powerful olympic lift that has an intense high pull and shrug into an overhead squat. Your HIP FLEXORS are huge in developing this lift and can only better you with your other oly and strength lifts. This website is a big step forward for me and for the kids I am training, and I hope to keep taking baby steps in improving my situation. I must remember though that things do not come easy without hard work. I am dedicated and want to create a small community that will flourish in their fitness ideals. I am here to help and create better athletes. Money is not my driven goal, but to see the benefits of CROSSFIT IN PEOPLE IS MY ONLY GOAL!!
Southland WOD– Rest Day- The kids will be needing this, especially, TJ, since he has been hitting it hard over the last few days. He has seen vast improvements over the last month. For example, he has moved on from parallel dips to the ring dips, which is a much better workout and creates a better understanding of stability and working the midline core, which we call midline stability of the core. TJ will hit tomorrow hard and will concentrate on a deadlift and run workout.

3.23.09 Southland WOD
All trainees will warm up with Coach B Warm-ups and the Skills and Drills Concept, which was coined by Crossfit New Hampshire owner, Sammy Daghir. The point of Skills and Drills is to warm-up with every fundamental movement in Crossfit and also hit the weaknesses of each person. Skills and Drills looks as the following:

Row- 1000 to 2000 meters (Slow steady pace- 85% effort)
Run-800 to 1600 meters
x 10 of each: Pull-ups/Push-ups/Sit-ups/L sit Pull Ups/ Shins to bar/ Glute Ham Developer/ Back Extensions/ Handstand Push-ups/Ring Dips/ 9 Fundamental lifts
Coach B Warmups– Snatch and Clean
x 3-5 each of: Muscle ups/handstand push-ups/ring dips/L sit holds(30 secs x 4)/ Handstand Push-ups(30 secs x 4).

TJ Deadlift 135 lbs and Run 400 meters- 4 rounds

135 deadlift-18 reps
Run 400 meters
135 deadlift-15 reps
Run 400 meters
135 deadlift-12 reps
Run 400 meters
135 deadlift-9 reps
Run 400 meters
Time- 11:41
Overview of the first 8 fundamental lifts of Crossfit– Air squat/Front Squat/Overhead Squat/Overhead Press/Push Press/Push Jerk/Deadlift/Sumo Deadlift High Pull/
3.23.09- Initial Fitness Test
Run 400 meters for time – 1:12
Rest 1:00
Max # of Pull-ups in 1:00(Jumping Pull-ups)- 52
Rest :30
Max # squats in 1:00-40
Rest :30
Max # of Push-ups in 1:00-36
Rest :30
Max # of Abmat Sit-ups in 1:00-32
Rest :30
Row 500 meters for time- 1:58
Matt did a great job and has come a long way in
the last week. In the beginning, he struggled to get an air squat and now he is busting out 40 perfect air squats. He is dedicated and will be a beast as the coming months come around. He has the strength, but we have to work on his technique and form. He has really improved on his air squats, front squat and overhead squat. Also, his push jerk technique has gotten a hundred times better. He struggled at first to understand, but tonight was a great stride in his form. He can only get better. My point during this first month is to hit the technique and form of the 9 basic fundamentals of Crossfit hard. These are the cornerstone of Crossfit and you must be able to master the technique and form before you can move onto the official WODs of Crossfit. Matt is a great competitor and the Sky’s the limit.