Sunday Workout of the Day

This was a bittersweet day… I have been working on my no false grip muscle ups, as these used to be my bread and butter, but as time went on, I did not practice them for months, as I moved into the new location in Easton, and just lost them… However, over the last few days they have come back, and have been working on them…I decided to hit a workout with muscle ups in it, but overall was disappointed in the ending, however was happy with how my mental game held up.

I was working through the workout at a pretty good pace, and hitting my muscle ups for the first few rounds unbroken, but as time came about, this nagging rips on my left hand, keep re-opening, and then a mental block hit… I started to miss muscle up attempt after attempt, which is sometimes uncommon for me at a low rep scheme. I completed almost 4 rounds in 5 minutes, then for 2 minutes I was working on 3 muscle ups… I began to swear, and get pissed off, but then remember, hey this is a workout, settle down, and just get through it. The word quitting came into my head, and was just going to call it off, and stop the workout, but I said what is the point, calm down, relax, and just finish what you can. I know I am just getting back into the swing of things, and following my own programming that I am actually enjoying, and within a month, I am going to hit this workout again, and beat this score… I am disappointed with the results of the workout, but overall happy with not getting so stressed over one workout and one movement, that I know I will get back in time… Overall a good day mentally, and a good day of realizing I am going to fail at times, and it just happens!!!

After the workout, I hit another airdyne workout and went for a longer duration aerobic capacity, and it felt good for the first time on the airdyne, and more comfortable…

Sunday, February 5th, 2012 Workout:
A. AMRAP 12 Minutes of:
3 Muscle Ups
10 Swings @ 2 pood
15 Wall Balls
Total Rounds: We will keep in the back of my head
B. Airdyne x 1:00 minute @ 90% x 2:00 minute rest x 3 sets
25 cals-27 cals-27 cals