"Tabata This"(10.18.2010)

Matt on His Pull-Ups, and Kevin sizing it up!

I. Vagabond Team Workout Adventure:
A number of people have signed up for the Team Workout on Saturday, October 30th, 2010 @ 10:30 am. This will be a team workout and each indvidual will have an opportunity to work with their fellow Vagabond. Please keep this date in mind and make sure you are in attendance at Vagabond on this date. Team Workouts are a great way to switch up your workout routine and allows you to work personally with your fellow gym mates.

Vagabond Team Workout @ 10:30 am, Saturday, October 30th

II. Where Am I this Weekend?
Over the last month, I have been doing alot of traveling from working my internship with Coach B’s CrossFit Olympic Cert Crew or collecting various information from different courses. This weekend I am up in the great state of Vermont near the Canadian border. I am attending the United States Weightlifting Course for Olympic Lifting. This is a course that is primarily giving me information on how to execute the movements surrounding the Olympic Lifts, but also helping me out as a programmer for specific populations in the Olympic Lifting World. I also made a visit to a fellow CrossFit Gym Owner, Jade, who owns Champlain Valley CrossFit in South Burlington, Vermont on Friday afternoon. He just opened his box six weeks ago and had to pay him a visit. I love traveling because it gives me an opportunity to get out in the world and visit different CrossFit Gyms and also get some valuable information, so that I can bring back to Vagabond CrossFit. Everything is a learning experience and being a coach, you must always realize that there is a whole table of knowledge out there for me to eat up and digest. I know, what a stupid metaphor, but it is true. As a trainer, the one thing that can bring you down or be the death of you, is to think that you know it all. I have prided myself on asking questions and being open to new ideas. Yes, and some people in the CrossFit Community might know me as a knowledge hog or a question asker, but How am I suppose to get better, if I do not ask questions and enrich my brain without being pro-active as a student of life and fitness. I hope all is well and cannot wait to see everyone Monday.

Signing Off,
Kevin “The Information Hoarder” O’Malley

III. Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
Hip Flexion/Extension(90 Degree Quad Stretch)
Wall Openers(Spread Those Legs)
Lunge Complex
Spiderman Opposite Stretch
Calf Stretch
Running Progressions

IV. Strength and Metabolic Conditioning Workouts of the Day:
A. Split Jerk or Push Jerk, 5 sets of 2 reps
B. “Tabata This”(20 seconds on/10 seconds off x 8 Rounds):
Tabata Row
Rest 1:00 Minute
Tabata Pull-Ups
Rest 1:00 Minute
Tabata Push-Ups
Rest 1:00 Minute
Tabata Squats
Rest 1:00 Minute
Tabata Sit-Ups
*Each Movement will last for 20 seconds on/10 seconds off for 8 Rounds. You will rest for 1 minute between each round. Your total score for each movement will be your lowest number of rep completed. Your final score will be your lowest number of reps totaled.*

Post Weights Used and Total Number of Reps to Comments.