"Take that Path Down to Fitness"

What Path Are You Going to take in 2011?

The Year of 2010 is coming to an end, and you must ask yourself one question, Did You Work As Hard As You Could in the Gym During this Year? Some of you will say, “Yes”, and others will say, “No”. What decisions will you make or sacrifices will you make to reach your goals for 2011? Will it mean you might have to sacrifice one weekend out of the month to come into the gym and get your workouts in on Saturday and Sunday? Will it mean you might have to get up early and come into the 5:30 am class, to get your workout in for the day? Or will it be to clean up your diet and maybe take the dive into the Paleo Way of Living? All these are valid questions and assumptions you must take into 2011. I know life can be busy, and things can get in the way. However, Health and Fitness plays a vital role in your well being and how you feel about yourself. It is proven that people who stay active in their life, live a longer, healthier, and sustainable way of living. I am not hear to preach to you guys, but just give you a nudge down that right path of living. You all have a great opportunity and a chance to get into the best shape of your life. Through the course of 2010 we saw some great things in Vagabond CrossFit. We saw people lose weight, run for the first time in years, body composition change dramatically, and a community grow before our eyes. Also, we have an opporunity in 2011 to move into a brand new, spacious spot that will accomodate everyone’s need with commuting wise and working out wise. The Path to a healthy way of living and reaching those goals you have set for yourself begins in the gym. Life is full of obstacles and CrossFit is no different. We all have had bad days in the gym or even in life, but the great thing about Human Beings, we can adapt to those changes. The Path you choose in your fitness is solely up to you and what you want to do with it. Do no just set goals and say I want to reach this point in my fitness. Set a day or date, and say I want to reach this max deadlift by this time. Do not be hesitant or complacent, Be Pro-Active and Do IT!
What Path Will You Choose in 2011?