Jason Lounge

I first really started taking a consistent interest in fitness as I was finishing high school. Over the years I’ve tried many different approaches, looking for something that really fits and is also challenging, from gyms to boxing, wrestling, mma, kettbells, etc. . Anything I could find access to, whether actually doing the workouts or just reading and learning as much as I could. When I first came across Functional Fitness around 2010 and had an opportunity to try it at Vagabond, I jumped at the chance and instantly took a liking to it. Over the years here I’ve gained a knowledge of an approach to a healthy lifestyle and training and look forward to continue to progress. I’ve learned this since being here over the past four years to help others in their pursuit of fitness.

CrossFit: CrossFit Level 1 + 2 Certified
FMS: Functional Movement Screen Certified Level 1
FMS: Functional Movement Screen Certified Level 2
PN1: Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1-Nutrition
CPR/AED Certified