Kevin O’Malley

Kevin has competed in various races ranging from small distance races to triathlons to ultrathons. Kevin has received various certifications from different levels of fitness and has taken a liking to his programming skills through intelligent programming and having a rhyme and reason by not guessing, but assessing what you are doing.  Kevin is known for his different style of programming, and being able to break down the science behind smart programming, and being able to adhere to everyones ability. Kevin has worked with various athletes ranging from professional athletes to collegiate athletes to elite CrossFitters to the person who is brand new to their fitness journey. He is here to work with you and help you reach all your goals!

Various Certifications Held:
CrossFit: Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit: Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit: Endurance and Running
IKFF: Kettlebell Coach Certified
Romanov Running: Pose Level 1 Coach
CrossFit: Mobility and Recovery
CrossFit: Olympic Lifting
USAW: Sports Performance Coach
CrossFit: Gymnastics
CrossFit: Nutrition
CrossFit: Powerlifting
CPR/AED Certification
OPTCCP: Level 1 Associate Coach(Case Studies Completed)Recognized Certification Process by the National Strength and Conditioning Association(NSCA)
OPTCCP: Assessment/Movement/Physio
OPTCCP: Program Design
OPTCCP: Nutrition
OPTCCP: Business Class
OPTCCP: Lifestyle Course
Functional Movement Screening Course: Level 1 Certified(Test Passed)
Functional Movement Screening Course: Level 2 Certified
SFMA Functional Movement Screening: Level 1 Certified(Test Passed)
CSAC Certified: Certified Speed and Agility Coach
Training Think Tank: Energy Systems/Program Design Course
PN1 Certified: Precision Nutrition Certified Professional
Exos Fitness Specialist

CrossFit Regionals Individual 2011
CrossFit Regionals Individual 2012
CrossFit Regionals Team 2015
CrossFit Regionals Team 2016