The Beginnings of Southland


This is the operator, Kevin O’Malley, of Southland Fitness, I ma starting out small by training few high school kids from Hanover and also training up at Crossfit New Hampshire on the weekends with my buddies Sammy and D. We will start small, but i hope to get enough people where I can move up, and move into my own small “Box”. Right now I am training about 10 people and will be training a local high school football team as well. Also, I am training up in New Hampshire on Sat and Sun and anytime during the week, if I have time. However, I am getting great training help from the people at Crossfit New Hampshire. This goes out to Matt and TJ, you have to check out the pages on the link and look over the material. Just look around and try to get a good basis of what Crossfit is all about. Look at the videos, the journal and anything that will help you. Starting on Monday, March 23rd, I will start posting the WOD and put some comments to go with the workouts. Also, I will start taking pictures within the next week to show our progress within the small outpost. I want to build this dream and be able to have my own little garage gym within the next few months.