"The Black Anchor"(8.29.2011)

Band Resistance Runs: Great Dynamic Warm-Up to raise that Core Temp for your upcoming workout ahead!

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I. Strength and Conditioning Workouts of the Day:
A. Snatch, build to a tough single, rest as needed between sets(15 Minute Time Limit)
B. “The Black Anchor”(5 Rounds for time of):
10 Power Snatches @ 95/65
10 Burpees
10 Double Unders
*Level 1*
Hang Power Snatches @ 65/33 and 30 Single Unders
*Level 2*
Power Snatches @ 75/45 and Missed Double Under Attempts
*Level 3*


II. What Workout Shoes are you wearing in the gym?:
The above is a brief slideshow of different pairs of shoes that each CrossFit athlete would wear within a CrossFit Gym. Some of the most popular sneakers will range from Innov8’s to Nike Frees to Olympic Weightlifting Shoes. All serve a purpose for different realms of fitness, and all are very beneficial in a persons desire to improve in their fitness and comfortability during a workout. The Olympic Weightlifting Shoe is vital to keeping the bulk of your potential energy in the heel, and allows you to keep the weight on the mid foot to heel placement. The Innov8’s and Nike Frees are great shoes for all around use in the gym, as they are minimalist shoes that allow you to run properly, but also gives you the added benefactor to be able to lift in them as well as you perform your workout of the day. The one shoe that will be uncommon inside a CrossFit Gym is the bulky, old school heel shoe that so many people wear in the outside world. The added bulk in the back of the heel sets you up for disaster in running, but also sends the bulk of the potential engery to your toes, where we want to stay away from in our lifting endeavours! Think of what your wearing in the gym, and maybe invest in a new pair of shoes, as it could make a huge difference in your journey at Vagabond CrossFit!

Pete's Final Day at Vagabond CrossFit back in June!

III. Vagabond Testimonial from down South:
VB Crossfit community,
Greetings from Officer Candidate School. I hope you all had a great summer 2011 and are continuing to work hard and push yourselves. Just wanted to drop a quick line and give an update and some motivation. I joined Vagabond in February 2011 after months of dreading the gym. I had never felt that way before and I was scared, particularly because the success of my future in the Army would be predicated, in large part, on my physical fitness. On Day 1 of Vagabond at 5AM, after pulling myself out of bed and asking why I was doing this, I completely fell in love with the people and the incredible training of Vagabond. Everyone at VB was competitive but supportive and helpful all at once. After only a few weeks I noticed insane results. Long story short, I went off to basic training in June and by the end, I held the highest physical fitness score in of my company of 300 soldiers. Overall, I placed 3rd in the entire basic training battalion of over 1,300 soldiers. Because of Vagabond, and more specifically, Kevin O’Malley’s unmatched training ability, I was the soldier everyone looked to for help and advice. I told them go to Easton, MA and try to keep up with O’Malley in Fight Gone Bad.
Thanks Vagabond. I miss you guys. See you at Christmas. HOOAH!
Pete “ripped shirt” Colombo
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