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I. Vagabond CrossFit Memorial Day Workout:
On Monday, May 27th, 2011 Vagabond CrossFit will be holding a team workout at 9:00 am and 10:00 am. We will be dedicating this team workout to all the fallen who have given their lives for this great country. It would be greatly appreciated if we had a strong showing at Vagabond CrossFit on Monday for this team workout. One hour out of your day to honor those fallen soldiers who gave their lives for this country would be a great way to show your support for Memorial Day. Vagabond CrossFit will also be sponsoring an event in the coming future for all military personnel who return home from overseas, and need an extra hand from the stresses of life. So, we hope to see a good gathering on Monday morning on Memorial Day to kick off your holiday day off with a great workout!
Vagaond CrossFit Team Workout of the Day @ 9:00 am and 10:00 am
II. Pre-Warm-Up(5-6 Minute before class begins):
3 Rounds of:
Body Rows x 10 reps
Push-Ups x 5 reps
Squats x 15 reps
III. Dynamic Warm-Up:
“Vagabond Warm-Up”
IV. Mobilization Warm-Up:
1. Thor Extension with Double Lacrosse Ball: 2 to 3 Minutes
2. Super Samson Stretch with band: 2 Minutes each leg
D. Muscle Up Progressions:
V. Conditioning Workouts of the Day:
A.Complete the required amount of 24 inch box jump reps within a minute starting on the minute for 7 minutes.
Your choices are:
9 reps / 12 reps / 15 reps / 18 reps / or 21 reps
* If you crossover into the next minute, finish the set you’re on but rest the remaining time. You now, will only be able to complete 6 rounds.*
B. Rest exactly 3 Minutes after you are done and complete the following:
5 Muscle Ups
Run 200 m
4 Muscle Ups
Run 200 m
3 Muscle Ups
Run 200 m
2 Muscle Ups
Run 200 m
1 Muscle Up
*Level 1*
Sub 3 Pull-Ups and Sub 3 Ring Dips for every Muscle Up or Sub 3 Banded Pull-Ups and 3 PVC Dips
*Level 2*
Muscle Up Progressions
*Level 3*
Full Range of Motion Muscle Ups
Post Number of Rounds Completed and Time to Complete to Comments.