Thursday and Friday Workouts of the Day

The Regional Workouts are announced, and there is a big step ahead of me. I will see how things go, and just overall just going to take this as a kick in the ass, to pick up my training, and really listen to whatever Coach Mike tells me to do. I am excited in a way, to compete in this competition, and see how things go, and see how hard I can push myself to the limit. This is the only way I can really see how I compete, and how well it goes. I am not expecting any great performance, but just a stepping stone, to see how things go, and how hard I have to work over the next year. It really has come to my attention, that is not just a sport of average people or average training. You have to compete, train, and push yourself hard all year to get to the point that you want to reach. The best thing I feel about everything is, that I have not even come close to reaching my full potential. Even over the last 4 weeks of training with Coach Mike, I have seen some gains in my performance in some areas, and we have not even scratched any type of real programming yet in my own eyes. The Work will come over the next year, and see where it takes me.

Thursday, April 19th, 2012 Workouts:
A. Skill Work with Snatch, worked up to 205 lbs
B. Skill With Pistols
C. Skill Work with Hang Power Cleans, messed around with 225 lbs

Friday, April 20th, 2012 Workouts:
A. Hang Power Clean,, rest 5 mins, 185-195-205-215, must not drop weights
B1. Clean Grip Deadlift, 2 reps @ 225 lbs x 12 sets, rest 30 seconds
B2. Handstand Push Ups, 4 reps x 12 sets, rest 30 seconds
C. Deadlift, Tough N Go Controlled @ 30×1, 7.7.7, 275-305-325