Thursday and Saturday Workouts

So, I hit the Opens Workout 12.4 on Saturday afternoon, which was not recommended by Coach Fitz, I was supposed to hit it on Friday, but of course I had no one to watch me, and my camera is nowhere to be found. I also like having someone judge me, so I can get the reps taken away at that point, and hit the reps again that I missed. Overall, I followed Fitz’s programming to almost the T, but I will be making up Saturday’s workout on Sunday, and one more week of the Opens, and I will be on task with his programming.

Overall I am disappointed in my score on the 12.4 workout, but it was also expected. I just have not given any time to my skills over the last 10 months, and it shows on workouts like these. However, I was happy with my wall ball effort, as I pr’d with a 5:08 score on my Karen, and I was not even worn down from it. I did watch some videos from Outlaw Training, and saw how they broke down the movements, but overall I was not fatigued during this workout. I hit 5 sets of 2 of muscle ups in a row, and felt good, but for some reason I hit a mental block, and just went to slow. I ended up getting 13 muscle ups, and in my own mind, if I redid this workout, I think I could get 20 plus easily, if I went into with a plan, but oh well, and I promised myself I would not do these twice, as I am not taking my something to serious this year on these workouts.

I am looking forward to next year of training, and seeing where I can go.

Thursday, March 15th, 2012 Workout:
Muscle Ups Practice throughout the Day

Saturday, March 17th, 2012 Workout:
Opens Games 12.4
AMRAP 12 Minutes of:
150 Wall Balls
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle Ups

Score: 253 reps