"Thursday Workout of the Day"

*Oh Man, my other shoulder is hurting me now, but I believe it is just from over use over the last few days, so a possible couple days of rest should be in store for myself coming up. I decided to hit some strength today, and then hit a short conditioning workout with the gas mask on for some added benefit. I felt pretty good throughout the strength, but the behind the neck split jerks were probably too much for my shoulder today, as I was failing at a substantial easy weight for myself, but it did not feel heavy, but more bothered the shoulder, so I decided to knock it down a bit, and check my eago, and went with a medium weight for sets to work on form and technique, and at least to get some decent medium weight reps in as well.

Thursday, September 8th, 2011 Workout of the Day:
A. Mid Thigh High Rise Box Cleans @ 16 inches:
135-155-165-175-185-195 x 2 reps at each set
195-205-215 x 1 rep at each set
Worked form and speed on this one
B. Split Jerk Behind the Neck:
Worked up to 235 lbs for 1 rep, then cut my eago down, and went to 225 lbs x 5 sets x 1 rep
C.For Time of the following:
800 m Row
30 Power Cleans @ 135 lbs
800 m Row
*Gas Mask on*
Time not a concern