Training Plan for Tuesday June 5th, 2012


Warm-Up:  2 Rounds of…
     – 250M Row
     – 10 Back Extensions or Good Mornings
     – 10 Wall Squats


     “VBC Weightlifting Total”
     3 Attempts to find your Max in the…

     1) Snatch
     2) Clean & Jerk
          * You may do 5 minutes of “warm-up” sets before making your official attempts
          * Power, Muscle, Split or Squat versions of the Snatch and Clean are all legal lifts. You may choose whichever you are most efficient at.
          * In the Snatch and the Jerk, the barbell must be received with arms fully locked out and no press-out at the finish.
          * Your “Total” is the sum of your best successful attempt in the Snatch + Clean and Jerk