Training Plan for Tuesday October 2nd, 2012

CrossFit Competition Simulator/Tester

Snatch/OHS Warm-up: at least 3 sets of 1-3 reps using no more than 50% of your 1 rep max.

A. “Event 1”: 2:00 on the clock to work to a max weight of the following….
     1 Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats

     Here are the rules…
     1. Each athlete will start with an empty bar, a set of 45# plates, a set of 25# plates, 2 sets of 10’s and 1 set of 5’s.
     2. At 3..2..1…Go! the athlete will load the bar with their first attempt.
     3. The snatch movement may be completed with a Power, Split or Squat Snatch
     4. The first Overhead squat must start from a standing position. In other words, if you squat snatch the first rep, it will not count as one OHS.
     5. All qualifying reps must be completed within the 2:00 time limit

Shoulders to Overhead Warm-Up: at least 3 sets of 3-5 reps using no more than 50% of your 1 rep max.

B. “Event 2”: 6:00 on the clock to work to a 5 rep max of “shoulders to overhead”

     1. Each attempt starts from the ground…no racks
     2. Shoulders to overhead can be completed as strict press, push press or push jerk but no split jerks.
     3. Each rep must be completed with arms, knees and hips fully extended

C. Squat Clean: work to a heavy single (no time limit)