"Triple. Double. Single."(10.12.2010)

Matt over 20 lbs lighter and 5 times a week CrossFitter!! Great Job My Man!

I. What is a Squat Clean, Squat Snatch, or Split Jerk?:
Every CrossFitter in the world knows the difference between a squat clean and a power clean, or a squat snatch or power snatch. However, the avid Olympic Lifter, would look at the term squat clean or squat snatch, and say, “What?!”. These terms are not prevalent in the Olympic Lifting World, because a squat clean is just a CLEAN, and a squat snatch is just a Snatch. As CrossFitters we must come to respect this great sport and what it has opened our eyes to some impressive athletes. So before you can respect the athlete, you must respect the sport and what surrounds that particuliar sport. The terminology is the first stepping stone and understanding what you are talking about. If you went to a Olympic Lifter and said, “Will you Be Split Jerking this attempt?”, Trust me, you would get quite a perplexed stare back at you in the meantime. The Jerk is simply the Jerk!! None of us are olympians in Olympic Lifting, but it is always fun to understand their side of the sport and respect it in the meantime.

II. Vagabond Olympic Lifting Clinic(Clean and Jerk):
There are only a couple of spots left for the Vagabond Olympic Lifting Clinic on Saturday, November 20th, 2010 @ 4:00 pm. So, remember to put your name on the board if you want partake in this learning session.

III. Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
Junkyard Dawg Warm-Up
Hamstring Stretch(Bands)
Shoulder Openers(Bands)
Overhead Squat Therapy
Skill Transfer Exercises(Pressing)

IV. Strength and Metabolic Conditioning Workout of the Day:
A. Push Press, Build to a 1 Rep Max
*Twelve Minute Time Limit*
*Compare to July 16th, 2010*
B. “Triple. Double. Single.”
Complete the following as fast as humanly possible:
Kettlebell Swings x 42 reps, 30 reps, 18 reps
Box Jumps(30/24) x 21 reps, 15 reps, 9 reps
Handstand Push-Ups x 14 reps, 7 reps, 5 reps

*Level 1*
KB/DB Swings: 30/ 20
Box Jumps: 20/16
Full Range of Motion Push-Ups or Box Handstands

*Level 2*
KB/DB Swings: 45/30
Box Jumps: 24/20
Band Assisted Handstands

*Level 3*
KB DB Swings: 55/35
Box Jumps: 30/24
Handstand Push-Ups

Post Weights Used and Time to Complete to Comments.