"Tube Sock"(5.5.2012)

Bear Crawls..

*No Grain Challenge Day 6*

*Vagabond Class Schedule for Saturday, May 5th: 9:00 am Group Class and 10:00 am Gymnastics Class.

*Click HERE for Gymnastics Workout for Saturday.*

*Vagabond CrossFit Second Annual Cookout*

The Vagabond CrossFit Second Annual Cookout will take place after the week the No Grain Challenge is over. We will have it on Saturday, June 23rd from 12:00 pm to whenever it ends. All family, friends, and kids are welcome, and will be a great way to usher in the summer, and have a close to the No Grain Challenge. Please mark this on your calendar, as these events are what makes are community great, and why we are such a special gym. Bring food, beverages, and whatever else, to make it a good time, and you get to hang and chill with some of your Vagabonds.


I. Dynamic and Mobility Prep Warm-Up:
Coaches Option x 7 t0 10 Minutes
Game Time
II. Lifestyle Phases Strength and Conditioning:
A. Fitness Phase: Level 1 and Level 2(Courtesy of Jason Leydon)
For Time of the following:
150 Wall Balls
75 Kettlebell Swings
B. Competition Phase:
For Time of the following:
Row 1000 Meters
50 Thrusters @ 45 lbs
30 Pull-Ups
Post Results to Comments.