Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 Workout

When I was looking at this workout, when it was programmed, I was like, SHIT!, I hate the airdyne, and whenever it says to stay on there for multiple minutes, I just despise it even more. Who ever would have thought, such a simple machine could cause so much pain, and hatred!

It was a good MAP Session, and overall felt pretty good on the second go around on the bike. The first 20 minutes kind of sucked, and just wanted to get off it, as my ass was cramping, and it just felt terrible. I still have a little trouble being able to pace myself, and sometimes do no push it into full gear, as I equate this to not be mentally tough enough on this machine. However, the second time around I got 12 more calories, which I was happy about, and just kept a good pace. I would say I was going about 80% for the 60 second bouts, as I would have cashed out a few minutes in, if I went any harder.

On the second time around, I raised the seat up a little bit, and this def helped with not fatiguing my legs, as it seemed to stretch my legs out a bit, and give myself a little more drive while pushing hard.

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 Workout:
All Sets performed on Airdyne:
A. 10 sets @ 85% @ 60 seconds/ 60 seconds @ 50%
Total Minutes: 20 Minutes
Total Cals: 250
Rest 10 Minutes
B. 10 sets @ 85% @ 60 seconds/60 secondsĀ @ 50%
Total Minutes: 20 Minutes
Total Cals: 262