Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Workouts of the Day

I am a little behind on schedule due to the busy week, and somethings going on at the gym. However, the Opens are over, and it looks like I will not make regionals this year, so the next year will be dedicated to my 2013 training. It is disappointing that I could not stay in the top 60 like I have the last two years in the Northeast, but somethings just did not match up this year with moving to a new location, my training hours increasing, and the business growing. It is bitter sweet, as the gym grew, and the community grew, but my performance level declined in a bad fashion, but I always have next year, and now I have Coach Mike as my coach and programmer, and I am going to see where his ability will take me!

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012:
AM Session:
Row @ Zone 1 @ 20 minutes @ 4830 meters

PM Session:
5 sets @ 97% effort:
15 chest to bar
15 burpees
airdyne x 10 seconds
Rest 8:00 minutes

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012:
10 sets 2 high aerobic effort:
30 sec shuttle run
rest 30 seconds
30 second box jumps @ 30 inches
rest 30 seconds
30 seconds russian kb swings @ 70 lbs
rest 30 seconds

Thursday and Friday: Rest Days

Saturday, March 24th, 2012:
Opens Workout 12.5
Completed 124 reps..

I tried regular kipping this time, and abandonded the butterfly due to I did not want to rip my hands, and just wanted to get through the workout. This past 5 weeks, the biggest thing I have noticed during this time my mind was just not into it, and did not have it mentally. Physically I think I could be there, but during these competitions, if your mind is out of it, you are going to fail. This is exactly what happened, and I am going to make sure that next year is not a repeat!