Tuesday Workout of the Day

Today was a day of Maximum Aerobic Capacity @ 90%. I knew this was a going to be a long workout, but very doable in the sense, that the movements were easy, and very attainable. However, it was long drawn out, and after the workout was done, I actually felt very worn down, and just spent from the long duration. I am happy though because I am doing this testing on myself, and starting to put everything together of understanding the different energy systems, and how they can be used.

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 Workout of the Day:
A. Performed @ 85% Effort over duration:
20 sets of the following:
30 seconds of double unders
30 seconds of airdyne
Rest 1:00 minute

I felt great on the double unders, and I think throughout the whole workout, missed on the doubel unders a total of 5 times… It was good work, and lately my double unders have not been up to par, as they have been in the past. Today, however, everything felt smooth, and even switched my grip on the double unders, which made it alot more comfortable.