Tuesday Workout of the Day

Today was another Low Map Session on the Airdyne, and I have to say I am getting much more comfortable on this bike for long period of times. I def notice, when I put other people on the bike, they do complain alot about being uncomfortable for long durations of time, and at least for myself, my body has def adapted to long durations, and kind of just cruise on by. I still find some discomfort, and I know compared to some other athletes that I know that perform on this bike, I TRULY SUCK AT THIS MACHINE…

It is one of those machines that just make you realize how bad you suck at certain things, but the one thing I like about it is, that there really is no other pain that can be associated with, besides sprinting and getting that same affect. This is why they say airdyne and running are the only two domains that can illicit every single energy system in your body.

I have been trying to map out my daily percentages when it is prescribed, and trying to figure out what 85% would be or 95% would be, and starting to get some data of where I would be at… Throughout the durations I try to stay consistent and not fall off, and I am getting much better at it over time.

Tomm I have a pretty big day, and I am hoping I can keep my back healthy, as yesterday I went thru a little back pain, but nothing serious, and feel pretty good today with no soreness of any sort. I will be going for a heavy single in the deadlift, not a 1 rep max, but as I said before, I probably have done about 3 heavy single deadlifts in the past two years because of my hesitation to perform this movement because of  my injury two years ago, and the the past ongoing pain in my back. But now I feel much better, and hoping to get my number back up to where it was, we will see how tomm goes…

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 Workout
3 Sets of the following on Airdyne:
3 Minutes @ 75%- 17 miles per hour
1 Minute @ 50%- 15 miles per hour
2 Minutes @ 85%- 19 miles per hour
1 Minute @ 50%- 15 miles per hour
1 Minute @ 95%- 22 miles per hour
1 Minute @ 50%- 15 miles per hour
Total Cals: 322 cals