Tuesday Workout of the Day

Another Day… Another Training Session… I am really trying to hit these workouts hard, and really trying to hit the movements correctly and get prepared for regionals. I am feeling good overall, and lately have seen some improvements in some areas of my weaknesses. Only time will tell, and the main factor is that I am feeling better, and each day I am loving training again, and not being depressed when I have to hit a workout. Overall today was a pretty good day today, and even my muscle ups, which were not perfect, but I was hitting them consistently, and was better than last week.I got to remind myself, when I do these muscle ups, I am doing them last in the workout, and I am pretty smoked by the end before I hit them. However, I think it is good, becasue I have to get used to be tired, drained, and taxed because this is what you do in competition. We will see where things take me!

Power Snatch Cluster, 3.3.3 @ 160 lbs, unbroken reps of 3

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 Workout:
A. Push Pres Cluster of Blocks, x 4 sets, rest 3 mins, 155-170-185-200
B. Power Snatch Cluster, 3.3.3 x 3 sets, rest 4-5 mins, 145-155-160
*These were tougher than expected, but I could have gone heavier, but happy to hit unbroken reps @ 160 lbs or more.*
C1. Front Squat @ 31×1, 2 reps x 4 sets, rest 2 mins, 225-245-265-275
C2. Handstand Push Ups Wide Stance, x 4 sets, rest 2 mins, 12-10-10-8
D. Muscle Ups of the following Unbroken reps
7 sets of unbroken 3 reps
4 sets of unbroken 2 reps