Tuesday Workout of the Day

As of right now, I am still skeptical that I have made the Regionals, but I guess I will just wait and see. As of right now, I am 60th, but I am still thinking things could change, but we will see. Overall I am happy I made it, but also little nervous, because if I stay healthy, unlike last year, I am going to be doing the regionals this year, just because you only get so many chances to compete in an environment like this once a year. However, I do not have any aspirations of doing well, and just going to see how I do, and look at things I have to work on. As of right now, my training up to this point was sub par, and just do not feel prepared, but I have two months to train with Coach Mike, and see if I can improve over this time period in some fashion. I have glaring weaknesses, and they def outweight my strengths, which my strengths previous where longer met-cons and metal toughness, but I have lost both of these, due to my lack of training. With the lack of prep, and not really preparing for any Opens over the last year, since the gym has been growing, and putting so much time into the business, i have fallen alot. However, all I can do is try and give it my best!

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012 Workout:
A. Power Clean Cluster, 1.1.1 x 4 sets, rest 4 minutes- 205-215-225-230 lbs
B. Power Snatch, Tough N Go Reps x 5 reps x 4 sets, rest 3 minutes- 115-135-145-155 lbs
C1. Front Squat @ 31×1, 3-4 reps x 3 sets, rest 2:00 minutes- 185-225-245 lbs
C2. Wide Stance Handstand Push-Ups x AMRAP x 3 sets, 11-10-9 reps
D. Muscle Ups x 1 rep on 30 seconds x 30 reps- These felt awful, and actually scaled down, I was mentally out of it, but did not quit and just got through it. These and few other movements, I either have them or I do not.. Let’s see how things