Tuesday Workout of the Day

The workout was not to bad today, but had a malfunction on set 4, and just hit the wall. As I went for the last muscle up, my wrist tweaked a bit, and just threw me off course. The last three days has been heavily favored towards pushing or pressing, and by day 3 I was feeling it. I have lost so much skill and strength within my gymnastics component over the last year, it is disheartening, but it came at a cost, as the gym has grown, and I am overall happier person from last year, so what is more important being where I was last year as an athlete, but not so happy mentally, and this year happier, eating better, and lesser in the crossfit world as an athlete, but just feel mentally more stable overall. I will take the latter!

Overalll a good day, and just another thing to work towards and gain back!

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 Workout:

PM Session: 1:30 pm
5 Sets @ 97-100% of:
3 Muscle Ups
10 Burpees
15 Second Airdyne
55 seconds to 57 seconds on 4 sets… Meltdown- 3:00 minutes

PM Session: 3:30 pm
20 Minute Row @ Zone 2 @ 4900 meters
Avg Heart Rate: 141/ Max Heart Rate: 178