"Tuesday Workout of the Day, June 14th, 2011*

*Just concentrated on strength today and was super busy at the gym, so could only fit in the strength portion of my workout for the day. However, I am fine with this, as I said before, there will be one day in my training during the week that I just concentrate on strength development. My back also was quite sore from yesterdays workout due to the heavy back squats and the power snatches with poor form lol*

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 Workout of the Day
A. Power Cleans, 5 sets of 2
*Felt good on the power cleans, but the back was a little tight. The one thing I am happy with over the last 8 days of training, that I am actually sticking to my plan and not going over board like I usually do. So hopefully this keeps up and I keep going with it to maintain my fitness level, but also give more concentration on my strength during the week, and then concentrate on running on sunday!