"Tuesday Workout of the Day" March 15, 2011

*Tuesday Morning did not start off right to say the least. I cheated last night and had 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and my stomach was paying the price this morning. I have peanut butter on rare occasion, and now I know why I do. Peanuts do not sit well in my stomach and one of the Paleo Beliefs that Lectins are just not good for your digestive tract, I believe is true. When I indulge in the likes of peanut butter, my stomach feels full and have the man belly to go with it throughout the day. I tried to workout this morning at 7 am, but cut it off, as my first shoulder press did not feel good as it went up, so I decided to go home after 11:00 am and take a quick nap to reboot my body. It def helped out and the rest of the workout went pretty well.*

*There will be a special article tonight on the webpage, as Dr. Mike Molloy will talk about overtraining, recovery, and rest as they are all linked together to your performance in the gym!*

*Tuesday Workout of the Day, March 15th, 2011*
A1. Handstand Push-Ups, 5 sets of 5
A2. GHD Sit-Ups, 5 sets of 10(Double Tap)
A3. Agility Ladder Work(2 Times Thru) x 5 sets
*Rest 45 seconds after completing thru circuit.*
*Handstand Push-Ups have been a goat of mine for some time now, and are still a major problem for me. Overall I am pretty good at them, but compared to Elite CrossFitters, I do not fit the bill. I am currently coming up with a program and test run for a Handstand Push-Up Program. It is very evident I lack upper body strength, as my shoulder press is very weak, so I must address this in some way.
B. Shoulder Press, 5 sets of 3 @ 115 lbs(Sets Across)
C. Turkish Get-Ups, 15 each Arm @ 55 lbs Kettlebell
*Turkish Get-Ups were very deceiving and did 30 in total. Try this at home and you will say the same thing. Great movement for awareness of the body, core stabilizer, and balance with an object overhead.*