"Vagabond Internal Competition: Rules, Guidelines, and Heats"(6.21.2014)

*Rules and Guidelines for Vagabond Internal Competition*

1. The Internal Competition will start this Saturday. The first heat will begin at 915 am. We are hoping to have done by today or early tomm am. It takes some time putting heats together.

2. There will be cones up where you are not supposed to park, so please look for these when you pull in for saturday, and we will use the street for parking as well, to give us space.

3. You can bring tents, and chairs to set up outside, so we have more room for inside for workouts, you cannot set up anything inside, it is going to be nice outside, so bring tents or chairs for you to hang out, and such.

4. Please respect the judges, since these are fellow Vagabonds, and giving up their day to help out all am and afternoon.

5. Please be at Vagabond by 845 am everyone, so we can go over standards and rules with everyone.

View Heats (PDF)


Workout 1
Lifestyle + Fitness Phase / CP Battery Testing:
3 Rep Max Deadlift: No Touch N Go Reps; 8 Minute Time Limit; Hands Touch: 20 seconds to complete

Workout 2
Fitness Phase:
AMRAP 10-12 Minutes
5 Hang Power Cleans @ 115 lbs/75 lbs
7 Front Squats @ 115 lbs/75 lbs
5 Pull-Ups
7 Box Jumps Step Down @ 24/20 inches

Lifestyle Phase:
AMRAP 10-12 Minutes- do not know time domain yet
10 Thrusters @ 85/55
10 Step Down Box Jumps

Workout 3
Lifestyle and Fitness
Lactate Repeatability Testers/Aerobic Recovery
Row 250 Meters x 3 sets, rest 1 minute between sets.

Workout 4
Lifestyle + Fitness Phase
Lactate Testing
Run 200 Meters
10 kettlebell swings @ 53/35
10 burpees
10 kettlebell swings @ 53/35
10 burpees
10 kettlebell swings @ 53/35
Run 200 Meters