"Vagabond No Grain Challenge Released + Vagabond Olympic Lifting Class"(1.6.2013)

Vagabond Olympic Lifting Class on Monday, January 6th. CLICK HERE FOR WORKOUT.


No Grain Challenge starts February 3rd!

This year we are changing things up a bit to hopefully get more people involved by having two-person teams compete. This will give you a great support person and someone to push you along through the month! We’ve seen great results in the past and we hope this is the best challenge yet.
 Here’s the breakdown:
  • Teams of two will submit $20 each to participate ($40 per team).
  • Teams must be male/male or female/female
  • Corrin will take measurements, weights and “before” and “after” pictures for the women
  • Kevin will take measurements, weights and “before” and “after” pictures for the men
  • Each participant will take part in a testing workout before and after the challenge
  • The challenge is meant to improve your performance and drop body fat in the process. The testing working will be done first week after photos and measurements.  And then repeated once the challenge is done.
At the end of the challenge, the winning male and female teams will split the pot.
Please start to think about who you want to partner up with! Teams must be submitted to Kevin by February 1st.
Be on the look out for an informational video from Corrin and Melissa, as well as a special invite to the first ever Vagabond Paleo Potluck Party!
Here’s what No Grain is:
NO grains, corn, oats, rice, rye, wheat
We should be focused on eating vegetables lean meats, fish, fruits, nuts, berries.
And avoid eating refined sugars.

I. Dynamic and Mobility Prep Warm-Up:
Lifestyle + Fitness Phase Prep + Competition Phase Prep
3 Minutes of Zone 1 Work
3-5 Minutes of the Dynamic Prep
hips, ankles, etc..
3-5 Minutes of the following:
Row 100 Meters
5 Face Pulls
5 Wall Angels
II. Phases Strength and Conditioning:
A. Lifestyle Phase
Press Intense/Single Leg Moderate + Aerobic Tester
A1. DB Walking Lunges @ 11×1, 8-10 reps/each leg x 3 sets, rest 1:30 between sets.
A2. Close Grip Bench Press, 8-10 reps x 3 sets, rest 1:30 between sets.
B. 12 Minute AMRAP of the following:
6 Ring Rows
8 DB Strict Press
10 Step Down Box Jumps
B. Fitness Phase
Bend CP + Upper body Push Vertical + Aerobic Based
A. 1 Snatch Pull + 1 Snatch(Power of Squat), build to tough single in 12 minute. You can catch in power or ride down into squat position.
B. DB Standing Heavy Strict Press, 6-8 reps x 4 sets, rest 1:30 between sets.
Make these difficult + hard
C. Complete for time of the following:
12 Power Cleans @ 135/95, 115/75
Row 400 Meters
9 Power Cleans @ 135/95, 115/75
Row 400 Meters
6 Power Cleans @ 135//95, 115/75
Row 400 Meters
3 Power Cleans @ 135/95, 115/75
C. Competition Phase
High Bar Back Squat Moderate + Snatch Intense + Clean and Jerk Moderate + Lactate Work(Airdyne/Row)
A. High Bar Back Squat, work with the following sets @ moderate weight of:
Work to a moderate set of 4, no more than 5 working sets, and no more than 2 sets at a moderate to medium weight.
B. Hang Snatch,, rest as needed between sets. These can be dynamic starts and from mid thigh to pockets during first pull. Hang onto Barbell and do no let drop onto ground.
C. Clean(Power or Squat) and Jerk on the minute x 10 minutes, complete 1 repetition @ 225 lbs/155 lbs, after every 1 rep, complete 6-8 pistols in remaining time.
D. 7 Sets of the following @ 90%:
Airdyne 25 seconds Sprint, rest 3-4 minutes between sets.
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