"Vagabond Nutrition Seminar? and New Year's Resolution?"

Vagabond CrossFit Nutrition Seminar in the Works:
That is right Vagabonds, I am currently in discussion with Mike Malloy, who is finishing up his doctorate at Dartmouth College, in immunalogy. I met Mike about two years ago, and ever since has been a good friend of mine. Mike is an extremely smart individual, who has excelled in the sport of CrossFit. Placing in the top 30 of New England in Sectionals last year and placing high in the Regionals of the CrossFit Games as well. Mike has worked with the likes of the top professors in the world and also has a relationship with guru Paleo Man, Rob Wolff. Mike has pretty much been my mentor and confidant on nutrition. He knows his stuff and is now trying to embark on setting up different nutrition seminars at various locations. We have been discussing a possible seminar to be held at Vagabond CrossFit on nutrition help and practical information for the average day person to understand. He will lead you down the right path and give you some valuable information as well to reach your nutrition goals. We are looking at January to be a possible month to hold this Nutrition Seminar. The details will be fined tuned and outlined in the coming months, but I am posting this to see who would be interested in attending this great seminar held by a very knowledgeable and intelligent man. Post Comments to webpage or let me know if you are interested.
I can only help you so much, so please take advantage of this opportunity to be led down the right path of nutrition.