Vagabond of the Month for April: Nicole Causey

Nicole C
Vagabond of the Month for April: Nicole Causey
Where you are originally from and/or where  you live now:
I grew up in Brockton; Live in Stoughton
Month you were born in: June
What days/times you typically train at  VBC:
4:30 during the school year; 7:15, or 9 in the summer
Anything else interesting/unique about you  that you’d like to share: I have run 8 marathons,  several half marathons, competed in 2 Triathlons, ridden my bike from Bear Mountain, New York to Boston, and competed in several obstacle-type races, but I have never worked as hard as I have since coming to Vagabond!
 In addition to being a CrossFitter, I am…
Mommy to the world’s sweetest boy, a middle school  reading teacher
My proudest accomplishment(s) in my  training so far is/are…
My weekly private sessions with Kevin, which I really love and recommend, have helped me achieve many of my goals:  my first pull up, finally learning how to do cleans, and climbing the rope are a few that come to mind.
Another memorable moment was the rowing work out during the internal competition. Andrew pushed me to row harder than I ever had before. I wanted to give up and was pretty convinced I was going to die, but he stayed with me and would not let me slow down. I don’t know that I have ever worked so hard in my life!
 Some current training goals and/or personal goals are…
An eight mile Spartan race in August
What’s the best thing about Vagabond?
Everyone talks about the camaraderie; it goes without saying that  the people are a big part of what I love about Vagabond. Also, I know that Kevin’s programming is safe and will help me reach my goals without getting hurt. Most importantly,  I feel like the work that I put in at Vagabond helps me be a good role model for my eight-year-old son. He sees me working hard and trying to do things that I am not sure I can do, things that are way outside my comfort zone.  He sees me try and fail ( and fail, and fail), but keep trying.