Vagabond of the Month for August: Allison P

Allison P: Vagabond of the Month for August

Born: May 12, 1982

From: Easton, Ma

Days/Times: I attend Vagabond when my work schedule allows… most popular times are 9am and 12pm 

Proudest Moment: My proudest moment was Mark and I having our daughter Sidney! 

VBC proudest moment(s): 1. My proudest moment was actually taking the first step and coming to Vagabond when I was out of shape and doing something new by myself. 2nd proudest moment was when I convinced my husband Mark to come to Vagabond and have him step out of his comfort zone and do something new! 3rd proudest moment even after multiple work injuries I continued to come back and work on getting better! 

Current goals: My current goal is to get back into the shape I was in prior to my surgery. I want to continue to increase my mobility to perform the workouts without modifications. 

Best thing about Vagabond: The people are the best part of Vagabond! From my workout partners to other families we have met, to the coaches and Kevin that have always made me feel welcomed and apart of a community.