Vagabond of the Month for December: Allison Mac

Vagabond of the Month for December: Allison Mac!


I’m actually not positive on my start date. It has been quite a long time.


I try to get in as much as possible. I’m usually a mid-morning person. Days that I come to Vagabond I feel better about myself the entire day which motivates me to come more often.

Proudest Moment: 

Having worked at Reebok for 17 years, I have been surrounded by fitness and CrossFit. I always knew I wanted to try to compete in the open but never thought I could do it. Once I came to Vagabond everyone supported me and told me just to try it. I did! I never thought I could. What place I finished was almost irrelevant. I was just proud I did it and completed it.

Best thing about Vagabond: 

The people. No doubt! The people at this gym create the whole atmosphere. They make me want to try my hardest, keep coming back and of course laugh along the way.