Vagabond of the Month for December: Becca M

Born: November

From: Originally from Holbrook but have lived in Bridgewater for 5 years

Days/Times: 99% of the time 9am, I try to make it in 4-5 days a week

Proudest moment: Losing 45 lbs post babies, keeping it off, and getting stronger.

Current goals: Continue to be consistent. I am starting an accelerated BSN RN program at the end of the month and am determined to find balance between my two kids, school, work, and working out. A long-time fitness goal of mine is to conquer a strict pull-up.

Best thing about Vagabond: No doubt the community. I have been a member for almost a year and have made some great friends. I look forward to the 9am class because I get to be surrounded by like-minded people who just “get it”. The coaches set Vagabond apart from other gyms.They are always encouraging and knowledgeable. When I lack motivation, Jay is always there to swap out my kettle bell with a heavier one. Thank you to the Vagabond coaches for helping me safely progress in my fitness journey.