Vagabond of the Month for February: Cassie Drahos

Vagabond of the Month for February: 
Cassie Drahos
December 3, 1986
West New York, NJ
I live in Norton with my husband and 3 sons.
I go as often as I can and at times that work best for my family. Most often it’s the evening 5:30pm class, occasionally I go to the 6 am. I’m really loving the 10 am sweat class lately, too.
Proudest moment:
After my third class ever, I was completely spent from the workout and went to sit in the stairwell to catch my breath. I looked at my hands and they were dirty and starting to callous. And honestly I was really surprised that I felt pride at that. Even a month earlier, if I had dirty hands and was all sweaty I would have been complaining about it. But I absolutely loved it now…. and that’s when I knew my body wasn’t the only thing changing. I started to cry, because I could feel that my mind was changing too. I was really starting to love being pushed to my limits and doing things I never thought I could do.
Current goals:
I am still working on doing the basic movements with proper form , I really want to get to the point where I don’t have to think as much about setting up to do a move.
Best thing about Vagabond: 
The absolute best thing about Vagabond is I know that when I leave, I’m leaving better than when I walked in.   I love walking in with the anticipation of “ where will I make progress?”  or “ where my confidence grow today?” The coaches are excellent, and I’m just so so grateful to them. Every encounter I have with Jay, Andrew, Kevin, or Heather changes me , every single time.