Vagabond of the Month for January: Steve Leurini

Brockton but living in Easton for the past 14 years
Most days 430 but occasionally come in to workout with coach Katie and the 735pm crew (FYI members have been known to break out in dance lol)
Proudest moment was watching my kids being born. Most of you that know me have seen my love monsters running around VB. Also, because of a health scare, getting off the couch and starting VB gave me control of my life and kept my health in check. From day one Kevin preaching the VB mantra and specifically “consistency is the key” couldn’t be any more true. As physically tough and exhausting as it was in the beginning every day, every week, every month your body adapting and getting stronger motivates you to continue to push yourself. So looking at where I am now compared to where I was when I started I am very proud of my accomplishments.
VBC proudest moments are seeing the contributions from the members on charitable events. Members always seem to come through in a big way to give back to the community. The most recent Mainspring house food donations to feed the homeless left me awestruck. Being able to work side by side with Tricia Murphy and serving those in need an abundance of food from a lot of items donated by VB members made me so proud and honored that I workout with so many people that can work together for a great cause.  .
I have a lot of goals! I would like to continue to progress on conditioning, kipping pull-ups,learning Double Unders, and fine tuning my barbell work.
So many great things about VB. Being part of a strong community makes it a comfort zone where you can come to work out with friends that motivate you and decompress the daily stresses that come with life. Most workouts tend to consist of a lot of synergy between the coaches and members. Whether it’s coach Jay or fellow members seeing you getting tired and give you a motivational “let’s go”, coach Leroy walking into the gym and coming over to correct my form during a workout, or simple things like Spanish telling me I don’t need to wear underwear underneath compression pants haha. Also, the progressing programs that are offered are incredible like Heather’s gymnastic classes, Katie’s Kettlebell Classes, and anyone thinking about transitioning to Fitness phase I highly recommended Leroy’s Olympic lifting classes (I still need more Leroy sessions!). In addition to VB making me the best version of myself I of course have to acknowledge the great friends I’ve made from coaches to members.   . .