Vagabond of the Month for July: Chris Chamberlain


Born: January 27, 1989

From: Easton, MA

Days/Times: I try to get 3-5 days at the gym each week. I had been bouncing between the 9am and 6pm classes, but now with open-gym I have been getting in between 11-1. 

Proudest Moment:

Hands-down proudest moment was when my daughter was born. Isla always jumps at the chance to tag along to the 9am class or Saturday w Alyssa and I; a “Vagabond in Training”.

Finishing a half-marathon.

Most recently, another proud moment was when I came home from work to find Isla zooming up and down the street riding a 2-wheeler. 

VBC proudest moment(s): 

My proudest moment at Vagabond is probably the day I signed up. 

Second to that was entering into the competition w FirstDown not really knowing what to expect being new to VBWAY.

Current goals:

In the gym: start working more w kettlebells & more focus on nutrition

In life: finishing last year of degree, buy house.

Best thing about Vagabond

The programming at VB Way always has a rhyme and reason to it. The workouts always leave me feeling accomplished and worn out, without the negative impacts on my body and joints that you find in many HIIT style workouts.

The coaches are always there if I have a question on form or need a refresher on a movement. At Vagabond I can push myself without worrying about the risk of injury, that is due to the guidance of the coaches.