Vagabond of the Month for June: Sarah Brooke

Vagabond of the Month for June: Sarah Brooke

Born: April 23, 1993

From: Layton, NJ originally but moved to East Bridgewater about 2 years ago

Days/Times: I try for 5 times a week, but that can be a little hard if I’m on the road. Always shooting for Leroy’s OLY Class at 6:30 and part of the 7:30 pm crew

Proudest moment: Purchasing my house in East Bridgewater!

VBC proudest moments: My proudest moment was finally hitting my 135 lb bench press PR. I had been working on this for years and constantly failing at 130, but finally hit it. We don’t bench very often but it was all of the other movements that Kevin has us work on that really helped me hit this goal. I currently am up to 140 lbs!

Current goals: My current goal is to be more consistent with my gym and eating habits. It is always hard when I’m on the road traveling, but I can always find a way to do the workouts at the hotel.

Best thing about Vagabond: Honestly, the people are the best part about this gym. When I first moved up here from NJ, I didn’t know a soul. I was lucky that my coworker, Robin Taylor, recommended that I come to Vagabond. I was on the fence about joining a crossfit gym, but Kevin has honestly the best gym I have ever been to. I love that there are multiple levels and you don’t have to feel intimidated about joining a crossfit gym. I have been so happy to become a part of the Vagabond community and it has really been the best way to adjust to our new life. I can’t thank Kevin and the rest of the vagabond community enough for being so welcoming.