Vagabond of the Month for March: Jim Previti

Vagabond of the Month for March: Jim Previti

May 14,1971

Halifax ma. Living in Taunton now.

It’s random days for me. I haven’t found a day yet I don’t like!!

Proudest moment:
My proudest moments in life have been the birth of my three kids! Josh19 Hannah’s 17 and Lexi 8.

VBC proudest moments:
I have been being able to adjust my eating habits (drastically)and 28lbs and 10% body fat!!

Current goals:

I’ve been working towards improving my range of motion so I’d like to step that up. Also doing a muscle up!!! Unassisted!!

Best thing about Vagabond:
There are so many things!!! The gymnastics class!!! Partner workouts!! ( I like working out with someone bigger taller and stronger than me. ) Sunday sweat sess. I have joined other gyms in the past and have been able to do well. Here at VBC your not just a member!! You are made to feel like part of a family a community!! Toy drives, summer, holiday parties , fundraiser all done here!! Everyone pushing themselves and you towards a similar goal!! There’s always words of encouragement or helpful advice from another vagabond or the coaches. The coaches are the best at what they do!!! They all have there own style of teaching and motivating always geared towards the “Vagabond way”!! I am grateful to be a part of such a great group of people!