Vagabond of the Month for March: Kat Austin

From: KAT 🙂

Days/times:  9am selfie crew is my fave and early Saturday AM w/ my master’s partner.

Proudest Moment:  Qualifying for Wodapalooza in 2019, the same week I was approved to donate a kidney and had to decline my invite.

Best thing about Vagabond:  Feeling connected.  During Covid I had to learn to push myself at home by myself and adapt the workouts to my basement.  But following the VBC workouts kept me feeling like I was still part of the gym community even if I never came in and it kept me in shape and feeling happy and energetic.  My schedule with work and kids has become super challenging but it doesn’t matter what time I come to the gym or even if I don’t (yet) personally know anyone that I’m working out beside because everyone is here for the same goal and the energy is always so positive.  And the best part of my week is looking forward to my workouts with an amazing group of people and coaches.  I can honestly say that I have met the best group of people and coaches through Vagabond, people that I would otherwise never have the opportunity or pleasure of knowing.