Vagabond of the Month for May: Johnny Reilly

Vagabond of the Month for May

Johnny Reilly

Born: May 4th 1991

From: Originally from West Bridgewater, now living in Taunton

Class: Mostly the 4:30pm

I started my adventure at Vagabond in an on ramp class in 2014 and haven’t looked back since. Vagabond has become such a huge part of my life since the day I started. Vagabond was even the place where I met my now fiancé, Kim Lawlor. Yet another reason I’m so thankful for everything vagabond has brought into my life. Vagabond has always been exactly what I wanted and such a huge credit of that goes to KO, JB, Andrew and numerous other coaches that have come and gone over the years. From lifestyle to competition and back to a healthy fitness lifestyle Vagabond and KO has always helped me with my fitness goals and aspirations, someone was always there to lend a hand or show you the vagabond way.
The thing I love most about Vagabond is being there over the years and seeing people come and go but Vagabond was always Vagabond, not just a gym but a community of great people trying to make other great people, better. You build and form lasting friendships that are priceless. I look forward to the gym each and every day and heading there to see people I can now call friends trying to better themselves. From the daily workouts, to the Vagabond Nights Out, to all the parties and events Vagabond puts together year in and year out, there is always something going on for people to get involved with and have a good time. The Vagabond extended staff goes above and beyond to provide for their community of members.
So, I say thank you Vagabond, KO, JB, all the other coaches, and members for everything you all do to make Vagabond, VAGABOND!