Vagabond of the Month for May: Kate Morgis

K Morgis

Month you were born in: 


Where you are originally from and/or where you live now:

Born and raised in Raynham, MA/Now live in Holbrook, MA

What days/times you typically train at VBC: 

When I can 4:30p or 6:35p Monday thru Friday & 9a Saturday’s

 My proudest accomplishment(s) in my training: 

I started PT with Kevin back in 2013 and then went MIA for a while in early 2014 (which I’m sure he will not let me forget).  After taking care of some personal things and wanting to return to Vagabond for months, I finally texted Kevin asking if he would take me back.  I started again in Sept 2015 and told him he is stuck with me as I wouldn’t be leaving again!  This is a proud accomplishment for me because this is the first place I have seen the most success and I am happy I made the decision to come back!

Some current training goals and/or personal goals are:

To always make sure I have a goal!!  Up until Kevin asked me this question, I’ve just been looking to “keep active” and “stay healthy”, nothing concrete.  I’ve wanted to learn Oly lifts, gymnastic movements and gain strength so I could possible compete, but I realize I need to be more specific for myself.  Here are a few to start;

1. “Another day better” (thanks to Andrew) – make sure I do at least one thing everyday to better myself and that starts with staying consistent at Vagabond
2. Hammer down form on my lifts – work on technique which will then help me see strength gains
3. Nutrition – keep my love for donuts & ice cream to a minimum… 🙂
4. Compete more and get out of my comfort zone!

What’s the best thing about Vagabond: 

There are many great things that Vagabond has.  The community, members and coaches!  Everyone is very welcoming, friendly and makes you feel at home.  The support from the top down is super motivating, making you want to come back in for that next workout!
I will also say I love Vagabond swag (shirts, sweats, etc)! 🙂
Most important though is Kevin O’Malley.  He started Vagabond and made a place for all of us to be better!  The passion and drive he has for his business along with the care he has for everyone shows daily.  Whether it be a text message asking where you’ve been or knowing he has been there all day and is trying to leave for the night, but will drop everything to help correct form or answer a question.  Kevin exemplifies the true meaning of a gym owner who genuinely cares about his clients!