Vagabond of the Month for November: Erica Caliri

Vagabond of the Month for November
Erica Caliri
Bridgewater originally but we live in Easton
Monday – Friday (usually 4 days) 9am
Proudest Moment:
I am most proud that about 15 years ago I decided to to change my life to a healthy one. Before that, I never exercised, overate, smoked cigarettes and drank too much!
VBC proudest moment(s):
When I did clean and jerks for the first time in about two years and it felt as if no time has passed.
Current goals:
To loose another 10 to 15 lbs
Best thing about Vagabond:
What I like best about vagabond is that the workouts are sustainable.  I never wake up and don’t go in fear that the workout is going to be too much or too hard.  With that said, I always leave feeling like I got a great workout without feeling defeated by it.