Vagabond of the Month for November: Melissa O'Brien

Vagabond of the Month for November: Melissa O’Brien


From: Born & Raised in Whitman. I’m a true townie— still in Whitman

Days/Times: 6am during the wk, 9am Saturday Classes are my Favorite & always go to 9am on school Vacations/Summer

Proudest moment: I’ve been at VBC since the beginning so I’ve had a lot of proud moments. I successfully worked out throughout all 3 of my pregnancies. I’ve incorporated a healthy lifestyle model for my children. I finally got that pull-up! But honestly my proudest moment has been my come back after cardiac arrest 2yrs ago. Being told I could never work out ago @ the level I was use to & proving Doctors wrong for sure motivates me to work hard.

Current goals: Figuring out Balance. Between Gym/Family/Work it can be tricky sometimes to not put myself last. I’d like to figure out a more consistent workout schedule.

Best thing about Vagabond: The Community! I’ve never met a better group of people who support & truly want to see you get better. We all work hard & celebrate together! The coaches are pretty great too!