Vagabond of the Month for November: Michael Baugh


You Come to Vagabond: I have been coming in two to four times a week depending how I am feeling, lately. I try to get in between 9am and 11am. Up until August, I was going 5 days a week at 9am. 

Proudest Moment @ Vagabond:

My doctor telling me that I am in such good shape. I owe that to the conditioning I receive at Vagabound. Secondarily, I lost my last 20 pounds of 45 during 2022 at Vagabound and I have been able to maintain that weight loss for the past year. 

Best thing about Vagabond Explain:

I will always cherish the kindness of everyone at Vagabond. I am grateful for the support that Kevin and the coaches have given me during this episode in my life.