"Vagabond of the Month for November"(12.3.2015)

*Vagabond of the Month for November: Sirena Melton*

“The coaching at VBC is second to none. The attention that each coach gives to every member is remarkable. Having been injured and needing to modify certain movements, it was comforting to know that Kevin, Jay, Andrew and Heather were all looking out for me and that my health was a priority to them. Not only are they all teaching us the right techniques and form but they’re always there to cheer us on and encourage us through any grueling workout.”


Sirena Melton

I. Dynamic and Mobility Prep Warm-Up:
3 minutes of z1 work
3-5 Minutes of the following:
Coach Choice-Make this dynamic and movement
4 Minutes of Hamstring Stretch(2 Minutes Each Side)
II. Phases Strength and Conditioning:
A. Lifestyle Phase
Horizontal Press(DB or Barbell)/Core/Posterior Chain + AMRAP Sets
A. Close Grip Bench Press, 4 reps x 4 sets @ 80% of best 1RM, rest 1:30 between sets.
Compare to November 19th, 2015 for some results and numbers
B1. Double KB Front Rack Walk, 50 meters(25 Meters Up and Back) x 3 sets, rest 1 minute.
Keep core engaged and tight, no hyper extending or leaning back to overcompensate
B2. Glute Bridges, 15 reps x 3 sets, rest 1 minute between sets.
Pause 2 seconds @ top of glute bridge
C. For Time of the following:
21-15-9 of the following:
Goblet Squats or Wall Balls
Cal Airdyne or Assault Bike(13-15 Calories)
DB Push Press @ Moderate Weight
B. Fitness Phase
Snatch or Clean Position + Upper Body Row or Pull-Ups/Upper Body Pull Assistance + AMRAP Sets or Long Conditioning
A. Power Snatch Cluster, 70% x 1.1, 75% x 1.1, 80% x 1.1.1, rest 1-2 minutes between sets.
B1. Strict Weighted Supinated Pull-Up Cluster, 2.1.2 x 3 sets, rest 45 seconds between sets.
B2. DB Curls, 12-15 reps x 3 sets, rest 90 seconds between sets.
C. Complete the following for time of:
30-20-10 of:
Cal Row
Push-Ups or Box Jumps @ 24/20 inches
Client Choice-If you are looking for more conditioning for heart rate, then do box jumps, if you are looking for more fatigue training for upper body push, then do push-ups for that pump
C. Competition Phase
Rest Day/Open Gym
A.1 Rest and recovery on Sunday
A.2 Z1 activity for 30-60 minutes – do something new
A.3 Recovery – mobility work (check out mobilitywod.com), PT work, band work.
A.4 Take some time to prepare your meals and training times for the week.
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