Vagabond of the Month for September: Liz E

Born:  Aug 7… 1989 (haha just kidding not telling)

From:  Berkshires

Days/Times:  Lunchtime or after 5pm throughout the week and/or weekends

Proudest Moment:  Lots of proud moments, but if I have to pick just one it would be seeing my son become the incredible human he is

VBC proudest moment(s): Learning how to squat properly and getting rid of my butt wink 

Current goals: Currently getting my nutrition certificate and waiting for my real estate license to get approved 

Best thing about Vagabond:  The people!  I have made so many great friendships and have felt so supported by all the coaches and members.  The minute I stepped foot into Vagabond 3 years ago I immediately felt like family.  The programming also makes me feel safe and I’ve accomplished things like using my core properly and perfecting my squat, two things that I’ve never been able to do at any other gym!