Vagabond of the Month for September: Mark Clarke


Originally from Brooklyn, NY but moved to MA in 2016.


Unfortunately, no concrete schedule but I’ve been fortunate enough to make time for the workouts around 3 times a week.

Proudest Moment:

1. Finishing my first Fitness level workout. After months of doing the lifestyle workouts my curiosity got the better of me and I tried a fitness routine. Going into it I wasn’t completely sure I’d be able to finish but I needed to try. After the last rep, and once I caught my breath, I felt a sense of pride that I’ll remember for years to come. 2. Regaining the strength to do pull-ups again.It was an exercise I enjoyed and was good at in my 20’s. As I got older, I started a family, changed jobs and I didn’t prioritize fitness. I lost a lot of my strength and mobility.After a year at Vagabond I’ve regained my strength and I take pride in being as physically fit as I was almost 20 years ago.

Best thing about Vagabond:
The knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and motivational Trainers.And the challenge and accountability of going through a tough workout with other members.