"Vagabond Online Qualifers Competition"

Vagabond CrossFit Open Qualifers Schedule!

A. Vagabond Schedule for Opens for CrossFit Games:
Vagabond CrossFit will be a registered affiliate to hold judging for the Opens for the CrossFit Games. I am trying to come up with a schedule, so we can try to get everyone to participate on the same day. I have come to the decision that I will give everyone an opportunity to participate in the Open Qualifiers. We have a good amount of Vagabond CrossFit Athletes representing our gym, but if anyone else wants to put their scores on the CrossFit Games Site you will have the chance to do so as well. Every Wednesday or Thursday, Vagabond CrossFit will program the Online Qualifiers Workout into our programming. The workout will always take place on Wednesday or Thursday, but will not be announced to that night, when it will take place, to keep the traditionally CrossFit remedy of training for the unknown and unknowable to a sense. Obviously, you will be more prepared than traditional CrossFit Competitions, when you find out a few minutes before the workout actually takes place. However, I myself find the CrossFit Methodology of training for the unknown and unknowable very productive and also very different than most fitness programs. So, if you are truly interested in taking place in the CrossFit Games Opens, then go to CrossFit Games Site and sign up as an athlete. It is only ten dollars and only one workout a week. It will be programmed into our program on a weekly basis for 6 weeks, so it would not hurt to see where you would place among the 900 or so registered athletes in the Northeast Region. The only thing that could happen is, you surprise yourself by placing high in the region, and having some fun along the way!